Brake Replacement in Owen Sound

Brakes inevitably wear out over time. Reuber's Car Care specializes in dependable and affordable brake system replacement. Our mechanics are certified and trained to perform full and partial replacements on all makes and models of vehicles.

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Full-Service Brake Shop

Our garage is a full-service facility with specialized equipment and licensed staff to perform comprehensive brake replacement. We do both full and partial replacements, and can even source brand-name, manufacturer-approved products for you at discounted rates.

Some of our most popular services include:

  • Brake pad replacement
  • Brake rotor replacement
  • Brake disc replacement
  • And more

Professional Brake Inspections

To get a better sense of the condition of your vehicle’s brake system, our brake specialists will assess your current brakes to understand what parts will be needed and how to best execute a successful replacement.  We don’t replace working parts and rack up your bill unnecessarily. If we can save a part, we will. Our goal is to determine whether a partial or full replacement is required. To do this, we perform our inspections according to a rigorous checklist of items. We’ll assess the performance of each component of your brakes for a comprehensive diagnosis.

Then, we’ll report our findings back to you. We’ll let you know what needs to be done and how much it will cost. We’ll even break down the material and labor charges for you in a detailed, written quote.

No gimmicks, no guesswork—just straightforward, transparent advice from a certified professional.

Premium Brake Replacement Parts and Accessories

One of the ways we deliver value-driven brake replacement services to our clients is by sourcing premium parts and accessories at great prices. Our garage has built strong working relationships with reputable suppliers over the years. Our suppliers give us access to the trusted names in automotive products at prices well below market value. We’re able to pass on these cost savings to our clients, as reflected in our low service rates.

What’s more, our supplier connections enable us to receive parts quickly. We understand that your day-to-day activities are challenging when your car is out of commission. That’s why we carry a wide selection of products in stock at our facility. When you need a brake replacement, there’s a good chance we have the necessary pieces on hand and ready to go. If not, though, we can order them from our suppliers the same day for an expedited shipping process.

Thorough Brake Testing

Quality assurance is important to us. So, once your new brakes are securely in place, our trusted team will evaluate their effectiveness and strength using a meticulous inspection test. We will perform a series of tests with stringent criteria for your brakes to ensure a secure, sound fit.  

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